Mrs T....... many thanks for working collaboratively with me and I appreciated the quick turnaround.

We all loved the casket the Susan made for us and the service she offered from start to finish was really good.

Susan was so helpful in every aspect of organising Dads coffin. They made a very difficult time much easier to deal with. It was so much easier for everyone at the funeral service to see the coffin decorated as it was, especially for the grandchildren who had never been to a funeral before. Nothing was too much trouble and we could not recommend them enough.. Michelle

We were so glad that we chose to have mums coffin decorated by Sue, at Personalised Coffins.

 The funeral service was so much more personal and everyone commented on how the coffin design reflected Mums personality and everything she loved. It is something that everyone should do, to be able to send their loved one on their final journey... Richard

Helping to design my daughter`s coffin helped me with the grieving process. It represented her personality...Sharon.

Sue provided the coffin at my mothers recent funeral. What a difference it made to a very sad day - Mum would have loved to a better place and decked out in her favourite flowers and wildlife. A better send off than any brown or black wooden coffin - no matter how expensive the wood might be! Thanks Sue xx 


Choosing a coffin was never something I ever imagined having to do. The thought of my sister in a wooden or cardboard brown box for any period of time would have upset me greatly, she was never meant for anything so dull as she was always the life and soul of any party. 

I contacted several companies to find either a gold or a glitter coffin to no avail and then I came across Sue Horwell who stated she personalised coffins and my sister rested in a gold with sparkly glitter coffin which she looked at home in.

No one likes to think about money at a time when you are choosing a coffin but it wasn't anymore expensive than standard coffins and I was consulted about everything so really felt as though this was made for my sister not just for anyone...Sara.

I only wish that I had known the meaningful and very caring work of this professional lady, when my beautiful husband passed away 20 years ago.  Jason was not only a graphic artist but a vintage aircraft enthusiast.  I wanted his funeral to dipict who he was. I wanted  his friends and family to feel him within the congregation. He may have passed but this was his leaving party, a celebration of his life and all that he was. We had the music which stirred the emotional memory of him within us but how lovely would it have been to have him brought into the church in a coffin which told of his story, his lifetime. I know that Sue would have painted and crafted his coffin in a way that portrayed and achieved this. It would be his perfect entrance. Here comes our Jason wrapped in the very essence of his life.

`A resting place for Rum`. I am sure most people dread the thought of losing their dear pets... but deciding what to do with them is yet another hard emotion to deal with.

So, after losing our beloved Springer Spaniel Rummage, my son and I decided that he would like a very `special` box to keep his ashes in.

With the utmost respect and great thoughtfulness, Sue created the perfect box, sky blue and hand painted with beautiful trees, inside the perfect tennis ball lining, more than apt for a Springer who spent his days chasing a ball in the woodland!

The resting box for Rum will always be treasured and I am very grateful to Sue who put so much care and love into it RIP Rummage xxx Kate